Sunday, 27 July 2014

Boot Sales & Yard Sales

Well 3 bootsales and a round the village yardsale and home for 10am , that must be a new record . I wish i had something dynamic to show you but all i found is yet more pillowcases for the fabric
and these .A Pikachu for my 20 year old son , yep thats right my big kid of a son .

 Plus i found this big golden privet Sylvac vase , I just loved the 70s browness of it . i think I have a Sylvac problem as fast as i get rid of a bit i find another to take its place , i sold my christening present green bunnie a couple of months ago he made a stunning £30 on a BIN . This big lump of vase cost a whole £3 and doesnt have much of a resale just because of the postage aspect . Maybe if i keep it 50 years like the rabbit it may have value . I will keep telling Mr Bah Humbug that as he keeps tutting at it
Now for the bad news yesterday i washed the gorgeous 70s nylon bedspread featured in my last post , only for it to develop UV itis  it faded in a large patch then split up to the quilted part on top grrrr does anyone have a use for the fabric before i chuck it into the rag bag ? the top is fine

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