Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Thrift Starvation

This week has been grim, not a single ebay sale in Not unexpected when theyre throwing hundreds of free 99p auction listings around . I do however seem to have dozens of watchers on items , all a bit strange unless theyre waiting for payday?.
In the real world it has been audit week at work , a ritual of such stunning nitpicking that my soul has been sapped to the hilt , ive just come home everyday and slumped in a chair and snored . It ended with a stunning event,, a visit from THE boss , more commonly known as the Lord High Executioner . I assumed it was to pension me off , id never met him in the flesh , though we bicker on the phone regularly . Sadly no he hadnt come to pension me off , hed come to tell me how wonderful i was???? believe me i,m not wonderful , im good at my job but im no company
So I knew he was after something , wasnt he just . Would I consider coming back to work full time ? I havent answered that one . But i think its a no, we may be broke , but its the first time in years ive had any quality of life . Im very aware of the clock ticking , now we dont get to retire till were 67 , Mr Bah Humbug is 7 years younger than me , but it looks as if hes the one who has started to hit  health problems and i will end up as his carer . So theres things i want to do before that happens . Selfish i know, but im not into flash cars , holidays or any kind of conspicuous consumerism , my pleasures are small , i enjoy my ebay and trawling the universe for stuff to sell . Even if you have to sneak off from the boss to do it
This is my sole thrift shop trip of the week , 3 of these unusual cat cushion covers and a couple of Smarties Egg cups , all for the shop methinks . Tomorrow normal service will be resumed , half a days work and half a day of thrifting in Boston

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