Tuesday, 22 July 2014

diary of the frustrated thrifter

Having spent a couple of hours yesterday thrifting my way through Boston and doing the big sighs over the few price tags i looked at , today had to be better didnt it ?
So I thought a plod around the outskirts of Lincoln was called for , only to find most of the Strut a local charity for disabled children , which was always worth a look due to the pricing, is no more . The furniture warehouse on Outer Circle Road is still alive and Relate appears to be moving into there empty unit on Moorlands , lets hope the Relate is a bit more reasonable than the one on the High Street .Moorlands Methodists have shut for the summer as well...Lincoln is now thrifting hell...lol
Tomorrow im in Scunthorpe for the day so hopefully i can sneak off and see what i can find, i havent been for months so we shall see.
While i remember... I did an online Sainsburys basics shop and my daughter managed to find a code for £20 off your first order , it was her first order not mine....lol  so worth a look if youve got other family members and you havent ordered online for a while . This was more to get my frozen food home without it turning to mush than anything . So with the money saved ive been going mad , its amazing what £20 will buy you at http://www.approvedfood.co.uk/ i had to bump it to £25 to get my 1p lucky box , I dread to think whats going to be in it ...lol
Heres todays huge thrift purchase a couple more Ladybird readers, the next two that the munchkin needs a whole £1 and a 10p fat quarter with dinky little Strawberries allover it

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