Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Moan rant moan

Grumpy old bird day today, spent a weekend in a wet tent near Grantham doing scooter missus duty. Plus side finally managed to finish .Stephen Kings under the dome in one go, far better than its TV version.
Rural broadband is rubbish we're barely managing .3 meg at the moment , so no eBay uploads or picture today, how you're supposed to run a business from home ?  Get a dongle you say, err we don't. Have a phone signal strong enough...aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh.
Bid in loads of online auctions won nothing...lol.  So now I can go out and thrift with the money I didn't spend.
Sadly haven't time , burdened with time consuming rubbish work in the real world.
And as the final straw got stung by something in the garden , despite tons of anti histamine I now have grapes under my arm and fingers like sausages.
Tommorow is another day, where the thrift shops will be full of vintage loveliness for pennies. The family will do all the chores they're asked when they're asked and I will believe in fairies!!!!

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