Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rainy Sunday

I was up at 5am this morning topping up and pricing odds and ends for a car boot sale in the next village this morning . I should have been suspicious when the cat had his breakfast and promptly dragged his wet muddy ginger backside into the clean wash basket ...Please tell me why he does that?
Anyway you guessed it despite the BBC weather saying a chance of showers in the east , I start loading the car and it turns into drizzly murk time . Mr Bah Humbug helpfully points out it will clear up soon and its now after lunch hes snoring on the sofa and its still lashing it down.
So ive been listing on ebay take a look

8 metres of vintage nylon 

do you like the new pheasant  tablecloth 

do you like my horror dollies theyre attracting lots of watchers but not a single bidder , i had to list them at auction because i'd no idea of value .
does anyone bid on auctions these days?

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