Tuesday, 17 June 2014

When Special Needs Grow Up

Were a big mixture of a family between Mr Bah Humbug and Myself we have 5 children but its the youngest whos the problem , he lives with his mum who does the best she can with him . He has a chromosome abnormality that left him with cataracts at birth and as was later discovered, behavioral problems . Now in this country a child can be "statemented " for educational needs , sometimes its the parents need statementing more than the children and it does bring an awful lot of extra benefits money wise if not always care wise .
My stepson was diagnosed with Aspergers and high functioning autism at quite a young age , so received extra help and support throughout his school years , it didnt help him educationally because despite being exceptionally bright he failed everything , it did help his teachers and the other pupils. He can be exceptionally disruptive .
But then he went to college and now that he is 18 all his help has stopped . He is drowning and becoming increasingly depressed and frustrated . The friendships he makes are with people who use his gullibility against him . He understands that he is different to other people , but has no idea or ability to change . He appears quite normal its only in conversation over a period of time that you realise something isnt quite right . Hes like a ticking timebomb every phone call makes you flinch , at times i find him quite chilling .
In the last week he was sent to us after being caught yet again shoplifting , his dad thinks that a visit to the little prison camp in the fens and a week of breaking stones and chores will cure him . I know there isnt a cure and his law breaking will escalate and his so called friends will continue to use him . Its breaking his dads heart . Eventually something really bad will happen and the police will have to take notice the excuse that he doesnt understand wont wash forever .  ......

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