Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Auction Time!!!

Sometimes i buy crazy stuff at the auction , I skived work and went to a virtually deserted sale room with a very meagre budget yesterday . Saints help me if it had been pay day !!
There was tons of strange and wonderful items and i bought just two lots it would have been 32 if id had the money
One lot was perfectly normal tons of kitchen plastics and trays cool boxes ,tupperwear and dozens of boards of one sort and another it will keep mr Bah humbug in fishing bait containers forever, plus 2 big boxes of  good quality general household stuff will go to the church charity shop , a lot was brand new and still had the prices on . £4 the lot,boxes and boxes of it .
Now in the real world would you buy two hge box's of very smelly faded filthy curtains? accompanied by the biggest suitcase ive ever seen that you couldnt even open or lift ? I did

Look what i found , someones fabric stash from the 60s and 70s  never opened for years tagged and with the receipts and the garden looks like an indian bazaar, theres curtains and stacks of fabric lengths , a pile of amazing vintage nylon florals , tweeds suit lengths taffeta in a myriad colours . Now this cant possibly come into the house till its washed so it will have to drape around the garden until it does , my daughter has claimed a pile of greens to make her prom dress .

Vix , these are very you 
still unpacking 

 Now some i can see a purpose in, theres a pair of heavy dark blue velvet curtains beautifully faded in lines that scream ..lazy cow do yourself something goth in them . Some of the virulent orange and turquoise screams rag rugs to me . I think this could be a whole winters worth of projects if i let it

The little fabric shop in the garden 

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