Tuesday 25 August 2015

The Little Irritations in Life

So I have a few wee gripes to get off my chest .
How come television is overflowing with "Benefits" programmes , theres tons of them all infested with the rejects from the Jeremy Kyle Show . I honestly dont think theres more scroungers or cheats than there has ever been , the dishonest have always been around , there are always those who will take advantage if they can . Isnt it time someone asked who is funding these Party Political Broadcasts on behalf of The Conservative Party , how much party funding goes to them and which MPs have declared interests in the TV companies involved . Oh I forgot you can apply for information from the government , but theyd sooner drag it to the High Court than give out data under the Freedom of Information Act . Take the application to find out how many have died after their ESA was stopped , theyve been blocking that since prior to the election  and spending our money doing it       http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/news/3100-esa-death-statistics-may-never-see-light-of-day.......STOP PRESS 2380 people have died since being declared fit for work

Next in a completely different vein . How come in the world of the internet , unless your playing a fantasy game where there is a witch , can you not have a fat avatar?  All the games seem the same scrawny bobbleheads for the females . I want a fat bird avatar and not just a witch or a comedy friend .   ggggrrrrrrrr

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