Tuesday 4 August 2015


Nope im not planning on going yet , despite my fascination with graveyards. Sometimes its the little things that start the blogging mind ticking        http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3184727/Gill-said-never-grow-old-Partner-healthy-nurse-went-Swiss-clinic-die-says-preparing-death-years.html       I read this and it brought up some thoughts , i've a great deal of admiration for this lady and her family . Now we can all go extreme Christian and hang on till the truly appaling end or we can go with some dignity . Ive witnessed my father and stepfather suffer dreadful endings , my stepfather had cancer that spread to his bones , my mother was a retired nurse so it was expected that she see to the bigger share of his care at home , which she managed admirably well , until on turning him in the night , his pelvis shattered , it took 3 hours for the ambulance to get there , he couldnt scream anymore by then and he never recovered conciousness , he died the next day .
My fathers death was dreadful he was 82 , he went for a day surgery and they decided to keep him in overnight he was still there 3 months later . He aquired a hospital related infection from the procedure , this meant he couldnt be moved to another ward and he was left alone for hours in a side ward , there was so few staff, that because they had to suit up to deal with him due to the infection risk, his care was pretty much left to family and visitors , they started to make him wear incontinence  pants at night because there were no staff to help him get out in and out of bed  and family had to leave at 9pm , he wasnt happy about this , and as he got weaker and weaker he eventually fell out of bed and died the next day . At which point we were inundated with calls from the hospital legal team .
Back in the 70s an aunty had advanced cancer , she came home from hospital to die , she saw all the family said her goodbyes and our Family Doctor took my Uncle to one side and asked if it was time for her to go , then he gave her an injection and she quietly passed away .
Now I know which I would prefer , and my mother always says that come the day she will go when she chooses , my grandmother took her own life when life had become unbearable , she had severe arthritis and could do very little for herself .
I dont think you can legislate for this , despite the assisted dying bill rattling through parliament in september ,surely it has little to do with the state wether you find your life unbearable , what about mental illness ? Medicine can extend life these days but at what cost ?

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