Thursday, 13 August 2015

Benefits Land..... Lose the will to live Edition

Thankyou for your kind thoughts on my last post , positive thought is in short supply at the moment
Yesterday we had a possession order for non payment of rent popped through the letterbox , so I rang and spoke to a housing officer
He informed me that I dont live here and they have no knowledge of me being at the address , ive been here 9 years!!! and have spoke to them on numerous occassions and dealt with all manner of problems .
I explained that a housing benefit application is being processed , that my partner the tenant isnt capable of dealing with the matter and i was the point of contact
They cannot talk to housing benefit because its a different department .
Lose the will to live at this point as they are proceeding on with the possession order , despite my partner being disabled .
Then have to ring Housing Benefit to attempt to sort out the claim
Yes they have received the extra financial details they required
Is the claim progressing?

No you didnt answer question 4

you asked for the financial information you never mentioned question 4

Its not up to us to tell you that the form is incomplete


So if i dont ask you wont tell me and it just sits there

That is correct

Could i have the form to fill in question 4

We will send it to you , but it may now be past the completion date .

Cant make it up can you ?

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