Tuesday 11 August 2015

Decisions ...Decisions

Just got up in one of those moods this morning , the Why am I such a mug ? mood .
This being a carer in all but name is damned hard work , Mr Bah Humbug is driving me steadily mad , hes now decided hes going to get into CB radio , more expense we cant afford , I know he needs the company but if we didnt live in the god forsaken armpit of nowhere we might actually see people . We need to move house but he wont listen , im going round the bend stuck at home , the munchkin and daughter have gone to Scotland on holiday and its just me, him and my totally useless son , who just spends his entire life avoiding doing anything and when he does do anything makes such a bad job he wont get asked again .
My lovely 86 year old neighbour told me this morning that hes got to move out out of the house hes lived in since 1955 to go into a bungalow because of the shop shutting and his brother being moved to a home several villages away . He will be sadly missed
This rural poverty lark is crap , ive got 2 days work this week so thats  all im allowed out for , I have to steal Mr Bah Humbugs vehicle because mine is still off the road , he bought the parts this month , the work may get done next month and then taxed the month after that .
Cant ebay , because the housing benefit is still being calculated . Its true that once you get down to a certain level theres little point in even trying bcause your financially penalised every step of the way. I think it may have to be the end of the ebay business , its no longer viable without transport or a post office.

Ive spent the day making up packets of magazines and ephemera to take to the car boot , if it doesnt sell i will have to fill the recycling bin , its a shame but what else can you do with it ?
I think a lot of the stuff ive collected will end up just being given away or thrown in the bin , if we move the council will only let us go to somewhere smaller , some dreadful pensioners ghetto , they admit this house needs a shower and he cant manage the stairs for much longer so that will be the cheaper option for them,  the rest of the family will just have to find somewhere to live under there own steam . Once again if we move there will be no help forthcoming from any of them , the, i'm allright jack bulk of the family .  

Just to really add to the negativity I talked to my mother , she very generously told me how to murder Mr Bah Humbug and get away with it !! "You need to get on with your life and not be burdened with a scrounger" Bless Her , shes read far to much of the Daily Mail
Then a "friend " told me how i just needed to work harder and things would be easier !!
I feel like hunting all the negative naysayers down and shooting them , they should try being kept awake by someone whos in so much pain he isnt still for more than a couple of minutes every night , then having to get up to the mountains of washing he produces , then do a days work and everything around the house as well .
Its as if I no longer exist as a person and im just the house elf !!!

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