Sunday 23 August 2015


And finally after a scorchio weekend its raining a little , sheer bliss, its been far to warm to be pleasant and i slept really badly last night , so im sort of a brain dead child killer today.
On a plus point ive got the mountains of washing dry and started the pile up the bedding for winter sort out , I need a lot of bedding , this is a cold house and because i dont wash bedding till spring we needs loads , with no dryer its pointless in the house of mould .
I was dragged to Hemswell Car Boot and Market for 8am this morning , I think Mr Bah Humbug thought he'd treat me , but I knew he would struggle with walking so I did two rows and made excuses to call it a day , its all lumps of limestone and pot holes, so no good for him , plus it was really windy and thick dust .  Hes now nuked full of pills and unable to get off the sofa .
What did I buy? A bag of sweet potatoes for £1 , a water melon and of all the strange things a bucket  of Wholefoods peanut butter for £1 , well in date so I was well chuffed , it does keep well past its sell date anyway , but it wont be around for long come the toast season i'm sure.
There was tons of stalls selling boxes of china at any bit for £1 or 50p , gos to show how unfashionable Victorian China has become , some of it was beautiful , but not a chance with my other half , practical shopping only allowed ..
Started a sunny day project yesterday , the glue is dry in 15 minutes , this is a suitably gothic item to appeal to me, i had some wallpaper sample books kicking about  , not sure about the lining , im sure something will catch my eye , lets hope this doesnt wait around for years

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