Sunday 9 August 2015

Crafty Finish

And finally , a finished crafting effort. Its only taken 18 months
My train case, vanity case that i covered with my childhood stamp collection has been waiting patiently for inspiration to strike , errr but it didnt .
Now I admit i have a problem with projects stalling but this has been a bad one , I just couldnt find a lining I liked , so in the end I had to bite the bullet and buy half a metre of fabric from China . this has grated , I like my crafty efforts to be of a recycled nature , the box only cost 50p , so spending £4 on fabric hurt . So I let it sit for over a year till I could bear to complete it .

Quite pleased at how it has turned out , postmark fabric worked quite well , it would have been better in blue tones but the fabric didnt have blue in the colours . Lined with black satin and wood floor liner ,  something that seems to have endless craft uses , including shoe liners when you lose them . I bought a box full for 50p at a car boot .
It will serve the purpose I had in Mind which is a storage box for my parents photograph collection and sit on a shelf gathering dust forever .
Ive just remembered I spent a whole £1 on another , almost identical case a few weeks ago ...AAARRGGGHHHHH it may well have my ashes stored in it before I get it Finished

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