Sunday 2 August 2015

Jumbled Up

Sneaked out yesterday on a mission , the £2 in my purse was burning a hole and I needed to shop , first stop the Birchwood Scout Hut for the Cats in Crisis Jumble Sale .My son came to , much to my surprise, he likes a good people watching session and stood there in bemused horror as the little old ladies with shopping trolleys dived in , its always a bit of a free for all but well worth the effort . Didnt buy a whole lot , a couple of Victorian Tiles that I use for coasters around the house and a very 70s shell lampshade in need of a good clean.

So with the change I toddled to Moorland Relate and got a bag of 10p books that i admit i will go through in no time  . Still got a whole £1 of change so I will see what I can stretch that to

Maybe I should buy another 2 1/2 KG of mandarins  , they were a whole 60p at the tin factory the other day , you can pay that for a small tin and they have a whole year of date on them , they had similar sized tins of ravioli for £1 that ive put away for when i have all the kids in the winter and even bigger tins of potatoes £1 again  . This baffles Mr Bah Humbug but im sure they will get used , tempted to try a sort of marmalade with the mandarins when im bored one day.

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