Friday 28 August 2015

Little Positives

Ive sat down today trying to dredge a few positives out of the current life situation
So here goes , me and Mr Bah Humbug get to spend a lot of time together , from help with toileting to getting dressed , to cutting up food . Hes now started forgetting where he is when hes driving , so i have to navigate , the doctor says hes fine to drive??
He hates every minute of it , so we bicker more . But it is just bickering and hes still my favourite cripple .

Our current financial situation appears to have frightened my son into getting a job , not much of a job hes doing something odd at the pig factory a couple of shifts this week , but its is first job since leaving college , hes deeply impressed at getting paid to sellotape boxes together and tread on Scotch Eggs . Nobody speaks English and the induction was held in Polish . Still it pays a few pounds more than his JSA and he wont have to do more unpaid work at Poundland .

My daughter seems to be going up the job ladder at work rather rapidly and working for the County is no bad thing as they pay for extra qualifications on top of her wage ( if we are lucky she may get far enough to fund her Masters )

Charlie Chainsaw the neighbour , has been at it solidly for 2 days hes cut down every tree in his garden and logged them for firewood , hes also sawed my tree down without asking and logged that !! , pointless saying anything he never replies , just stares blankly and gets another tinny . Plus point however is that he took up the barbed wire at the bottom of his garden because its dangerous for his kid and I had to stuff hankies in my mouth , as it obviously hasnt occured to him that its there for a reason . We have meadow behind us and in it is a very large bull and his girlfriends , im sure he will enjoy the  visit from the furry beefburgers and also Bob the gun totting farmer who owns them . I may make a fortune on You Tube if I can film it .
So thats my little positives for today ...

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