Saturday 1 May 2021


So i woke up as the sun came up this morning , then wandered down the garden with my camera to take some frost and mist shots accompanied by our ancient cat wowling for her breakfast , now im on my first cuppa trying to decide if its worth a trip to the car boot or not . 

Opened up the Daily Mail online , because i have to have something to talk about later with  mother and was spitting feathers immediately . Our esteemed leader has written a lead article about how the Tories are going to be tough on crime , think they may have had 10 years for that one .  Bragging how they have over 8000 recruits in training after cutting 20000 officers . One chief constable recently  pointed out that there is no actual gain in numbers because so many are walking away from policing . His lock them all up rhetoric rather falls flat , moaning at the courts for soft sentencing is laughable , you cant send people to prison if there is no room . You can wait years for a trial because of cuts to the court system , the CPS are laughable . The privately run probation service crashed and burned before Covid . Even forensics are on their knees due to cuts . 18 month waits to retrieve phone evidence . Meanwhile half the criminal fraternity is out on bail awaiting all this stuff . Covid can excuse a lot but systems are crumbling everywhere . Ive no doubt Boris will announce that they are building lots of new prisons , with American companies . Monetarising felons is a huge industry in the States . 

Then i started reading the comments , why  just why , this is gammon land on steroids . Is there anyone certain Tory voters dont hate and despise .  If we had enough police they could charge lots of the commentators with hate crime it really is that bad .

The fact that we are being governed by a bunch of thieves is irony in the extreme , hes more concerned with dog theft , than the fact that members of his party are involved in corruption on a massive scale ......just beggars belief  

For those of you with a strong stomach heres the link

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  1. Hah. My Mother called me spitting bullets. She's had her will drawn up and cut off one grandson without a cent. Her call really. Your's truly is named Executor, and she was more upset that her lawyer said I get 15K for the trouble.

    I think I'm going to have a lawyer look at this mess and then tell her to stuff it where the sun don't shine.