Monday 24 May 2021

For A Change

Another lush green morning with lots of rain , the gardens loving all the rain . The cats however are not , yesterday our very vocal elderly cat  could be heard getting closer and closer at speed , she ran in as if her tail was on fire, it was hailing icy bullets and she was having none of that . Giant hailstones anyone?

 You know the say nothing if youve nothing nice to say mantra ? Sod it . Lets talk Boris and the wedding. I gather we must save a date in July 2022. So mistress en titre Carrie is going to drag the git to the altar . Is it to give her a whole year to go Bridezilla ? or is she planning to spod out another kid shortly . I should imagine that most of the posh wedding folks are hiding cringing in the bushes hoping that the Wayne and Waynetta Slob of the moneyed classes dont call them . After all theyre hardly going to pay the bill are they , will it be a ticket only job  where you pay to attend?  Dyson providing the dress and JCB doing the catering. possibly Tony Blair on guitar ? 

 Well i suppose he an aging tomcat these days so she stands a chance of being his last wife though i wouldnt count on it , however shes supposedly a tad fiery so a vasectomy at dawn with a blunt bread knife is always a possibility and could be very entertaining for the rest of us . Cant wait and why do i keep thinking about My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding ? with of course environmental credentials and eco themed everything and Dilyn the dog in a matching tuxedo .   

1 comment:

  1. This has made me roar laughing.I spent hours following Dom's revelations. Nowt there I didn't figure out a long time ago.
    I do think it's time to rescue Larry from No10 before he's handed a sailor suit like Garfield or some other appalling wedding gear.
    Cats don't go to polling stations they're free spirits and long may they continue/