Monday, 10 May 2021


 So finally into the ground my pink fir apples and orkney blue spuds have gone 6 weeks later than usual but it wont hurt them , nature doesnt care what day i plant them and the rain meant that i could get the shovel into the ground , i have bent the shovel however , today i will be mainly hobbling and getting on with Mr BHs new improved DWP forms , its the new PIP renewal form that there is no help with , we cant find a single help agency that has tackled this one and after a read through ive realised that yet again every question is to try and trip you up . It has the usual threatening tone that the disabled look forward to . In normal times this would have to be returned within 28 days which wouldnt give you time to collect all the medical paperwork required .  Ho hum does anything change , it appears that they are only sending these out at the moment to those who had to drag them to a tribunal to even get PIP in the first place.  Its not helped by the fact that i know Mr BH will make my life a living hell if i dont fill it in correctly , im not sure what part of degenerative condition the DWP dont get and once again theyre harping on about what treatment and surgeries you have had to improve your condition . I wish there were treatments and surgeries that would help him but at the moment their isnt until they can do something about his vascular problem , the one they asked him to consider palliative care for!! 

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