Thursday 6 May 2021

Let It Snow

Plagues of huge hailstones seem to be the latest weather weirdness, it looked like we had snowfall yesterday morning , today the sun is shining brightly on a really hard frost . Pottered out to vote in the local elections  yesterday not a soul did i see it was rather fun playing hopscotch over the dog turds spattered over the paths ....why cant folks just take their dog turds home ?

Garden work continues between showers , still reconstructing the garden swing . I was told to burn it and order a new one , till his lordship found out that it was £400 upwards for a new one . Its taking a lot of repairing , im really not safe on ladders ,. But hey ho needs must .

Had to venture into the dark cavern of Morrisons at Lincoln yesterday after the last miserable home delivery they provided , all my veg and salad was mouldy and out of date .  All of the frozen stuff was missing . i know they refund promptly but they have removed the messaging facility on the facebook pages and the website .  I hate the Lincoln store with its narrow aisles and way over your head shelves . The point on still ordering online is that i have to shop alone and i cant lift and reach stuff that is heavy plus i cant use a large trolley as i cant reach and lift stuff out of the bottom . I was on mission pigs liver yesterday one of the things you cant get online, the local butchers only have it now and then , so thats topped my supply up . I await the weekends morrisons delivery with interest . We are slowly turning into a food desert here in rural Lincolnshire. .Lots of glossy farm shops and organic wonder shops for the tourists but the locals cant afford to shop at them and the Coop is so expensive its scary   

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