Tuesday 18 May 2021

Not Fishing

 Today was going to be my first days fishing this year , BIL has a full weeks work this week so MR BH had the major grumps .  But then he got worse when i said i would only go to the little pit locally , not feeling it, i didnt want to be miles from home if anything goes wrong . So this morning hes got up on toddler mode and has announced hes not going anywhere . No loss to me i can potter in the garden , plenty to be doing if it doesnt chuck biblical hailstones at us . Still tons of replanting to tackle , though i did laugh , i bought some Lidl seed strips for a scented border plopped them in the darkest corner of the garden , covered them in compost and then the heavens opened . Went back the following day and all the compost and seeds had gone , so now its going to be a mystery surprise where they appear ..lol  Gradually replanting all my tubs and pots hadnt realised i had so many so pottered down to Aldi with himself for some cheapy compost having used all that i had from the old compost heaps . Now i can only use the small trolleys because if i put the bags in a large one i cant get them out , so im laden up and i get to the tills and im struggling the trolley wont steer and the guy on the tills wasnt exactly much help and a very nice gentleman my own age came to give me a hand . To make it worse the ramp from the store is a tad steep so two of us struggled to hold it , the gentlemen said he would give me a hand to get them in my boot . When he got to the boot he looked a tad puzzled by other half not getting out or helping . When i opened the boot and he spotted the crutches and wheelchair i guess he twigged because he turned to me and said " well i guess he still makes a good cuppa" . When i thanked him and got in the car the steam was coming out of Mr BHs ears . All i got all the way home was sarky comments about Fwends . I did point out that how is it different that he has to have help ?


  1. Wasn't it nice to find such a gentleman to help! I hope you get to spend the day in the garden while DH sulks.
    My dad had Parkinsons and eventually ended up in a wheelchair and a nursing home. Yes, some days he was frustrated and grumpy but the vast majority of the time he stayed polite, kept his sense of humour and had the staff at the nursing home wrapped around his finger. Caregivers truly are deeply unappreciated.

  2. Him upstairs can be quite sarcastic too of kindy people I find and bitter-I have had to learn to ignore the best I can-he is not too well but neither am I x

  3. Lidl's is lethal for shopping and like you said the bags are so heavy when laden down with their goodies. Tom can't carry them so I leave a lot of it in the car and decant bit by bit, lol