Monday, 26 April 2021


With being so involved in the process of heavy gardening , im barely visiting the internet and im more reading then falling asleep at some early hour . This week the end is visible in sight one more big bonfire should do it . Then i can settle into mounds of replanting and just routine maintenance theory .    Mr BH had his 80 something aunt and uncle staying in the area this week , they had rented a cottage , i was informed that the whole family was going to the pub to meet for lunch , Covid rules obviously dont apply , i wasnt told till the last minute , i literally had just took off my wellies and picked the leaves out of my hair and thought i was just popping to the coop for bread .  Anyway after a small discussion over this , with me getting the whole killjoy lecture from my other half  he discovered that because i dont have a smart phone to scan the QR code they had to summon the manager , the steam was visably rising from his ears by that stage , much discussion was had and they compromised by using the QR code of his niece who works at the pub in question .  So we got the pleasure of sitting outside in the pub garden as a party of nine on three separate tables .  I didnt want lunch as i had literally had it before we set off for the coop , so i just nursed a drink  and listened .  It was interesting to say the least .  Aunty Bountiful  was busy looking down on everyone and supplying her wisdom.  BIL had got his adult kids with him , i was getting the death stairs from his son  because i have grassed him up for drug dealing a couple of times , i was trying not to chuckle as Aunty Bountiful was complementing him on doing so well and working so hard and how he had a lovely car etc etc, shame hes never had a driving licence and used to be in the local paper court listings most weeks , gossip tells me hes got dozens of cases pending due to Covid and will be going away for a state sponsored holiday shortly. Then Aunty started on my Brother in Law , how if he had tried harder he wouldnt be stuck in a council house and taking her tax payer money , i was getting kicked in the shins by now , MR BH is well aware that i think the world of his brother , he does more for other people than anyone i know , he will help anyone and hes becoming more and more crippled by arthritis every year .  Hes recently gone back to work part time because hes bored if hes not doing something , he works with a couple of young lads who provide the muscle hes the brains as hes been in  the building trade all his life.  having minced and denigrated everyone else she turned to us .  

So your professionally disabled these day ? 

now my other half is very visibly disabled and hes on a bit of a rough patch at the moment where the right hand side of his body has visibly dropped and it looks as if hes had a stroke, hes on crutches all the time or his wheels more and more . So there is no missing the fact that hes disabled and thats just the visable side of it . 

So its because your fat is it ? 

Well hes looking at me for rescue and im thinking sod it theyre your aged relatives you deal with them .. So this went on and on about scroungers on disability benefits . Then she turned to me .

I shouldnt think youve ever worked what with all the kids and now being his carer .  

My Brother in Law staged an intervention at that point , because he said i was smiling at her and asked if we could us pop him to his doctors appointment............   


  1. Jesus! I could not have kept my seat or my mouth shut!

  2. I'm not great at keeping my mouth shut. I don't know how you kept your cool.

  3. Would it have been a smile then suddenly sneezing and accidentally chucking your drink at her or kicking her from underneath the table off her seat with a involuntary twitch x

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