Tuesday, 20 April 2021


 Ive been up since sunrise , needed a cuppa im afraid so literally up with the birds , its given me a couple of hours to catch up on a weeks blog reading . Barely been online its officially heavy gardening season ,  so nursy duties and household chores of a morning , then out in the garden once himself has been fed and settled for his siesta or crap custom car TV  , we are building bonfire number 3.  Son has for a change being helpful and the munchkin has grafted his way through the school holidays . I do think that himself has threatened them that if i injure myself he will hold them responsible , dont know what he means , my problems are mainly that im short and cant reach stuff  and my shingles damaged arm is taking its time settling down , once you have them as many times as me you know that one day its like a switch has been flipped and the pain goes just like that , the trouble is that it can take months , 18 months is the record ...lol.  So  the garden is now a barren wasteland that will recover once we get some rain , taken out 2 huge rambling roses that i couldnt keep under control  , just need something to replace them . Took the brambles at the bottom down to the ground they will recover in no time and they are needed to keep the cattle in the meadow behind us , working on cutting a section of hedging out so the four huge wheelie bins can be near the gate and be accessed by the path , just to make my life easier and save me having to cross the grass to get to them .  Relocating the strawberry bed to somewhere where its easier to net it . Everything just leads to another job...lol  Found a huge block of foam in the old wendy house along with loads of pots and planters i had forgotton about , may try to salvage the foam for a knackered sofa cushion i need ,depends if i can fit it in the washer ...lol   Other half is getting very annoyed with me , im going to repair his workshop that he hasnt been in for 3 years , he wants a new one but we dont have the money , hes claiming he cant find the keys but it doesnt matter as im planning to replace the door so  i will just saw off the padlocks. 

   Oh and on a plus note we are going to be reassessed for his disability payments despite them saying it would be next year and nobody being available within the help industry because this isnt happening due to Covid ...ho hum here we go again yet more DWP Wars for the sin of living with a disibility for more than 3 years , two months since i finished paying off the debts from the last fiasco with them . 


  1. The strange eccentric person who thinks we're all being coerced by the government into believing Covid is deadly has likened their control of us as being like the people in Germany being led into the gas chambers thinking they were being taken for a shower.
    I really don't know how much lower she could sink.
    If you want to read the post it's on the 18th April and her remarks are in the comments section. Of course she has deleted the comments that found her remarks appalling.

    1. I think she has lost her marbles and clearly isn't watching the news from India. My friends, niece's husband died the day before yesterday in India from Covid and they are from a very wealthy family. Pity the poor souls that never even make it to hospital.