Tuesday, 13 April 2021

The Great Escape

 So we are free!!!! well free to go for a pint and do a bit of none essential shopping ..lol  ..we celebrated by fetching a pint of maggots for other half to go fishing with his brother today , cant see that a visit to a pub or shopping will be on my calendar, the road to the coast had a good mile long tailback so had to come home via the scenic route .  managed to get the only parking spot in the little tourist town we live near when a huge camper van pulled out , so a trip to the butchers , he was saying the same as me , here we go again .  Dozens of visitors from the depths of the UK descending , lots from the local plague spot Mansfield , the latest jolly wheeze seems to be Lateral Flow testing for all and sundry three times a week , known for not being particularly reliable ive been supervising grandson doing his all week , his school has had a couple of year groups shut down with false positives a couple of weeks ago , had to chuckle that they come with a packing slip printed in Chinese . 

Good old Prince Phillip has popped off , hed had quite a rich and varied life . Just think of the thousands of times hes sat through endless displays of national dancing , walked three steps behind , personally think he was desperate to leave before his 100th birthday, he wouldnt have liked the fuss .  Its to be hoped the Queen stays around for a bit but with devoted elderly couples one often follows the other .  Most seem more bothered that Eastenders was cancelled , very sad for his family .  Even sadder that all the klingons and hangers on are coming out of the woodwork turning him into a saint 


  1. You're set free and we've been locked down again! No non-essential shopping and everything else closed - including the schools! The variants (both UK and Brazilian) have taken hold and ICU's are full! I tend to go out during the week and stay home at the weekends - just to avoid all the walkers - although have to say, the vast majority follow the rules.
    Got my first shot yesterday - feeling a bit tired today but otherwise ok.
    Hope you get a bit of peace & quiet when hubby goes fishing!

  2. I've got a cousin who is very keen on fishing and apparently he won some money fishing a while ago-I wish him upstairs would go but he hasn't time in his day after he has sat at his desk and written endless Lists for Every Thing x

  3. Disabled fishing is a gift he couldnt fish alone , not safe on his feet plus neuropathy , though its the dizziness and breathlessness that can make everything a tad scary

  4. I don't think we have been out of lockdown since April last year , well if they did relax the rules I did not notice .
    We booked our vaccination last night not easy on a steam driven computer in a different language , it isn't until may 4 so that gives hubby plenty of time to stress about it .
    I wish hubby would take up fishing he just hangs around like a bad smell .