Thursday 1 October 2015

Pride and Prejudice

It's been 3 weeks since I last spoke to my mother, I just can't force myself to pick up the phone, she has never succeeded in disgusting me as much as her latest escapade. At the best of times her views on life and the world in general just horrify me. She may be 80 but that doesn't make her a nice little old lady.
My stepbrothers wife has been over in the UK to visit her dying father, they don't get over from South  Africa that often now he's retired. But Maria did the duty call and popped in to see her with her sister, they'd bought her a locally produced oil painting and called for a cuppa and a chat and a catch up on the family . Mother had already told ,me she didn't want them in the house because they were just after seeing what she was worth, so I didn't expect it would go well. 
The point where it went wrong was they have adopted an AIDS baby, Through the church. They are empty nesters who have raised five kids of there own. The orphanages are packed with them because once they are diagnosed the parents just abandon them. She threw the painting at them and told them to get out of her house because not one penny of hers was going to a little diseased black bastard. 
Now she's changed her will to exclude my step brother and I just can't bring myself to talk to her. I've always known she was a horrible bigoted snob , I think it's one of the few things me and my stepbrother agreed on as kids . 
The psychologist I was packed off to as a kid said she was a narcissistic sociopath, big words for someone so small minded, I just wish Maria had gone to the police and had her locked up . But my stepbrother being as twisted by our childhood as I am, will probably name his new daughter after her just to annoy her even more. I'm just proud of my new niece and wish her a long and glorious future and to spite my mother I will make sure she benefits greatly once the evil old witch is gone.

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