Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Day of No Rest

Just had one of those days up before dawn unable to sleep , never stopped since . The joys of a busy work week everything has to be done on Sunday , plus the hoards dictated a full English Breakfast and then chicken tea . Spent the day spring cleaning our bedroom a never ending thankless task due to the amount of craft materials I have hoarded away , when youve emptied the hoover eight times doing one room you know you have a problem occasioned by thousands of seed beads getting into the carpet and not wanting  to come out , then joy of joy i find theres tons of woodroom in the side of a chest of drawers that I moved , we get lots of woodworm the house is riddled with it , so thats going to be more mess and stench . The council did respond once , sent the surveyor who told me it was my fault for having wooden old furniture and that i should get rid of it all . Strange the floors were riddled with it when we moved in . The furniture i check every year , this is about the first time in 3 years we have found it , plus its inactive this time of year so i will just poison them for fun .
So now im going to settle down and read about everybody elses fascinating productive lives and cook a chicken tea .
 Greetings to Russia , it seems according to google that we have gained lots of viewers
 Heres a little vintage knitting for everyone

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