Sunday 11 October 2015

Endless Crafts

I got a whole 2 hours yesterday of peace , Mr Bah Humbug had gone out with his friend , the munchkin his mum and her friend had gone to look for her car . Age 23 after finishing her long term auditioning for a son in law , shes decided to go off the rails in spectacular fashion , go out dressed like a hooker and lose her vehicle due to alcohol . She has spent the rest of the weekend wrapped in a blanket feeling sorry for herself . we all have to learn the hard
Yesterday was perfect and sunny so I dragged my hand quilting outside and just sat and enjoyed the peace with my furry assistant . In fact ive got nothing done all weekend , nothing in the garden, theres still mountains of washing , ive thrown meals together and the washing yurt in the kitchen hasnt moved either . I get like this every year without fail , October should be inertia month . A direct response to the looming winter months and a busy work week

crochet a hair net anyone?

cant decide whether this is a daft idea or not to use as a planter 

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