Thursday 8 October 2015

Embroidery Transfers Anyone?

Im not quite sure what is going on at the moment every thrift and charity store seems to be throwing up sewing and craft items . Has everyone come in from the garden and started crafting for xmas, had a good sort out and chucked it in the charity bag ?
Age UK in Horncastle had all manner of craft stuff today , then there was this anonymous looking yellow file tied up at the back for a whole £2 it just said embroidery transfers . Get them home and start rooting and ive got transfer heaven bought sight unseen .
The oldest dated ones are from 1913 , most are from the 30s , theres some gorgeous deco ones , but also some huge floral table centers . literally hundreds of loose floral designs , a few childrens , theres other bits of paperwork and ephemera among them as well , I dread to think what was thrown away before they put them on the shop floor , they once belonged to Bertha from Louth , its going to take forever to sort through them and get the creases out .
Some may make it to ebay because they can just go into the post box when sold , still debating what to do with ebay at the moment I shut it for the forseeable future due to losing the post office in the village ..decisions decisions ....
just a few transfers 

racial stereotyping at its best?

scary border for a childs quilt 

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