Saturday 3 October 2015

Cheer Up Its Craft Season

Found another Charity Shop in Lincoln Yesterday !!! Cats in Crisis , Redwood Drive LN5 9BN, they already hold excellent jumble sales around Lincoln,  now they have a nice and very reasonable shop as well . Think this is where the antique and collectable stuff gets deposited . Plus the new and like new clothing .
So what did I come home with ? overspent my £1 budget a little but they did have stacks of vintage knitting and craft patterns , dont worry I left loads behind . They had a very good and varied selection of craft kits and the like as well .
I love vintage knitting patterns , so easy to, not seen the smocking one before , and I had to have more bestway for the collection , I love to look at Fairisle but in a million years I know I will never be that good a knitter , a good few 1950s Stitchcraft magazines , always gorgeous to have .
The 50s Felt toys pattern is one I remember still being in use when I was in school , it has a little felt golliwog pattern , and other dolls, its dilapadated but complete , if anyones interested ive scanned the whole thing .

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