Thursday 22 October 2015

Benefits Land Realms of Mordor

So after a whole month of actual regular payments , we once again hit problems . Now they cease to pay Mr Bah Humbugs JSA because i am employed part time , not as bad as it sounds as we still have his PIP payments and my part time job . The Housing Benefit payments are however linked to his JSA , he must now apply for ESA again the benefit where they scored him nil points, a nice lady from the Council came and did the forms for him , he will score nil points at the medical but we must keep applying as a condition of the Housing Benefit ???
Meanwhile Mr Bah Humbug attended the Job Centre yesterday , just so they could eat a bit of his soul , he got one of the members of staff who has a personality disorder . Dont get me wrong the staff at the job center are on the whole helpful and pleasant but there are one or two who really are foul .
Conversation goes a little like this .

Why are you here ? were not going to give you any  money

 Im here because I want help to find a job

Why have you not signed in electronically ?

because it doesnt recognise my writing , I struggle to hold a pen i have nerve damage .

I dont care if it takes you an hour to sign in , you will do it or you wont be seen .

I have nerve damage the longer i try the worse it gets .

You have been judged fit to work , you will sign in in future

Why havent the Shaw Trust been in touch with you ?

I have no idea , ive had no calls or letters

I will give you the number

Please write it down ,I cant and i have short term memory problems

That is not my job

So he left the building just as baffled as when he went in and twice as foul , as he said this is the worst interview hes had since the one where he was told that pain is irrelevent

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