Wednesday 5 March 2014

Womens Problems

Sometimes real world problems intrude on my blogging . work, home, work home all problems
we just start to see the end of the financial problem tunnel and we get dropped yet another bombshell.
Now all of you in the States and some other countries dont get point of need healthcare , or the good old NHS . Mr Bah Humbug was sent back to see a spinal consultant 9 months ago , he never examined him and was very dismissive but booked a scan just in case . It took 5 months to get the scan and then he waited and waited , his doctor kept chasing it up and they then sent a discharge letter from the consultant to his doctor saying he hadnt turned up for the scan and written in latin that he was a bullshitter  , hed had to travel to Birmingham for it and i had gone with him . they have now found his scan and have discharged him to another specialist as he may need yet more surgery . We will now wait weeks for another different consultant appointment . Meanwhile his GP is taking it further and putting in an official complaint about the consultant involved , they forwarded the letter on to us and we are having a meeting with the GP tomorrow .
Mr Bah Humbug isnt taking this well , his last surgery was risky he knows that more surgery carries the risk of quadraplegia , waiting 9 months hasnt helped the situation .
So if im not around much this week its because im being a good partner , Mr Bah Humbug takes priority over everything else at the moment

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