Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Thrift Shop Tat

I had great plans to go to the car boot sale today then i opened the curtains , thick freezing fog my number one driving hate , so instead i sat around watching the council builders trying to put in our super duper designated parking spot , practicality hasnt come into it as usual , theyve made the gateway smaller , so i can see what will happen one dark night , if i have to put the van on it its big enough for one vehicle we have 3 sometimes 4 and theyve left a great drop so that we wont be able to use the existing drive .I did query this , only to be told there is a one car per household rule, on green grounds we should be using public transport and cycling . We live in the middle of nowhere we have one bus a day and i dont think cycling 100 miles a day to and from work is very practical somehow , I didnt dignify this with a reply....good job he cant read minds .
We did eventually get sunshine so my daughter took me to Horncastle on mission charity shop .  We spent an hour or so toddling round . Horncastle has a lot of second hand stores and antique centers plus a couple of half decent bookshops , so the pickings are slim , my daughter got a couple of tops and books . I was recovering from the shock of the ever greedy Age UK having made their £1 rail a £2 rail , come on guys the stuff you put on the rail has all seen better days it needs a stitch or has a mark or is just deformed , you havent improved the quality any . I used to buy bits to cut up , or for the trimmings and buttons , shant bother now youve doubled the price .
 But they still put the stuff theyre embarrassed to sell near the door ,and I couldnt resist this pair of Chinese dolls very modern bright and cheerful and the stunning sum of 45p .
I also played the guilt trip on my daughter , the little monster has smashed a lot of my pots by the front door kicking his football and among the rejects was a victorian handleless potty for a whole £1 , so she bought me it
I will apologise for the top of the dustbin photo i was being plagued by a small ball with a football , the joy of granny duties

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