Monday 10 March 2014

Return of the Blogger

Im back!!!! Having done a week of tea and sympathy for Mr Bah Humbug , I finally have a bit of me time , back to work and thrifting tomorrow .
Sometimes I think im like an Old Lady in Sons of Anarchy only with scooters instead of Harleys , if I hear once more that his life is over if he cant ride im going to scream , yesterday he had his cohorts round offering sympathy and swapping rusty parts. All that is required is copious trays of tea and to keep out of the way
Being as it could be months till he finds another consultant and months till they decide if they can help him , I will have to polish my halo and keep making
Meanwhile in the real world ive been trying to figure out why i have so much strange stuff in my wardrobe , I dont open it often but found a boxed pair of new shoes that never fitted me in there that ive put on ebay today , did I think my feet would grow ?

 Loads of Jeans that never fitted me , did i buy them for a project or was i kidding myself that my backside would shrink? Ive been a yoyo dieter all my life but even in my skinny days i must have been delusional to buy these . Oh and by skinny days i mean size18  thats as good as it ever gets .
Bags of shirts from  the charity shop , because once you get to a large size you just buy everything that fits because theres so little that fits, then you take it all home and see what works .
The one redeeming feature is that i didnt find any beige , so im not that old yet !!!

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