Tuesday 25 March 2014

Big Pants

I can spend a happy hour at the Moorlands Methodist Thrift Shop in Lincoln , theres something very old school about it .Its in the actual church which is very 60s brown wood and brown light , its rather like rooting in a cave. The prices are so cheap its scary and its run by a bunch of very cheery venerable ladies who always seem to be having a giggle and a natter . Plus theyre actually friendly , a rarity in this day and age .
Please dont tell my daughter , because she would be so appalled. I bought some knickers today , they were brand new and sealed in a pack but in her eyes it would still be grounds for hanging a bell round my neck and making me roam the streets shouting "unclean, unclean "
 The best though is yet to come ..when i got to the till , the rather hard of hearing  elderly lady manning it , shouts to the whole place "why are these pants so expensive? is it because theyre so large? The whole place went silent .
I was trying to keep a straight face , the lady pastor scuttles up apologises , tries to vanish up her own cassock etc. by now theres a whole gaggle of elderly ladies at the till all inspecting the pack of pants and gossiping about the current price of underwear. The pastor was so embarrassed she let me have them for a stuning £2 a bargain, as they actually originally cost £12.99 .
I have to say its a bit of a drastic way to get a bargain

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