Sunday 16 March 2014

Its Grim Up North

March and april are usually the grimmest months of my financial year . This year its never got better since xmas when they forgot to pay us . My employers are the scum of the earth in more ways than one .
So weve lived off foodstores and £20 a week for bread and milk and consumables , me and the kids are used to this , Mr Bah Humbug finds it a little
So heres a few of my favorite blog's on the food subject  I will never be as motivated as this lady in a million years , but i do like the recipes, they are thrift based all the time.  Eats well on a budget , but if i ate as much broccoli as she did , the consequences would be
An American poverty site that chucks up some good recipe ideas from time to time
Now youre wondering where this is leading ?
I want to sing the praises of these guys
Hill House Farm, Ferry Lane
PE20 3SS Brothertoft
01205 280338
01205 280338

They have a little portacabin factory shop in the middle of nowhere that sells de labelled branded products and this weeks major bargain buy is 24 tins of decent quality delabelled beans 2015 date   for £2.40 . I also got 24 tins of spaghetti in tomato sauce for £3.40 . Sadly they dont have a website . As i now have to rebuild my foodstore these are a great addition and when i get paid i plan a major raid 

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