Monday 31 March 2014

Sleaford & Rugs

Today my daughter had a blinding idea , lets go to Sleaford !! Its somewhere i havent been for years , but we needed a trip to Lidl and a little bit of Charity shopping would kill an hour , so heres my mystery shopper report .
The Christians , complete with cafe . Lots of stock reasonably priced but nothing for me , good selection of books and the cafe was cooking something that smelled divine .
On to the high street , and its the first of the Age UK shops , a sea of blah and nothing . The Red Cross shop , are they turning into the overpriced vintage shop of the high street ? This was even worse than the one in Barton on Humber last week , theyd got lots of nice 50s china cabinets that theyd locked any stock you might actually want to see into and the price tags were enough to make you faint . They had some nice stock but they were priced at the level of a high end vintage fair . £100 for a box of teddies and magazines that were a part work a few years ago !! Bit of sparkly costume jewellery £10 and upwards, an Indian Tree bonbon dish '£38 .
Hospice shop had nothing interesting but it was reasonable , there was also another blah
age UK . A Scope with nothing that seemed even worth a glance and finally A Cancer Research shop that redeemed the day , it was pricy but the women on the till was just wrinkling her lip at having to put this big bag of Readicut wool out . So i scrounged off my daughter and got it . Into the Ebay shop it has gone already
Now dont get me wrong there may be loads of other really good charity shops in Sleaford , its a very nook and cranny kind of place and if anyone knows of any let me know , but you have to pay to park and theres not a lot there .. So a bit of a wasted trip really if it wasnt for Cancer Research

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