Friday 21 March 2014

la la la la ebay

do you ever have one of those days ?  Today has been  a never ending series of trivial annoyances . woken up at 1am by OH wanting antacids because hed chicken kieved himself half to death , then followed it with a tuna and sweetcorn pizza that only he likes , so guess what, he ate the whole thing .  Then  he goes back to sleep and im left sat there with hot flushes for company and him snoring ...grrrrr

Work has just been tedious in the extreme, then i have one of those conversations that leaves you wanting to throttle someone      
Who deals with wages these days?
"Not to sure I will ask
 Err there not at their desk "
I have no wage slip are we getting paid ?
"We dont deal with wageslips theyre outsourced to Scotland , of course youre getting paid "
You forgot to pay me at Xmas , remember ?
(deathly silence)
Could you check if im getting paid and how much ?
"Wages are dealt with by scotland "
Who do I speak to in Scotland?
"Only we can speak to Scotland"
Could you speak to Scotland?
"Only Laura can speak to Scotland , shes not at her desk"
Could you ring me back once youve solved the mystery of my wages please?

Then you get home to a reminder of why you dont sell clothes on ebay , sold shirt on ebay , polite email from buyer its not the size stated , could they have a refund . Yes if they return it first . Bear in mind they asked for a photo of the size label and all the measurements before they bought it . I await with interest the reply !!!

The moral of the story is , if the fat bird doesnt get much sleep her patience level is zero !!!

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