Tuesday 16 November 2021

Ordinary Days

 So its been a busy week , lots of hospital with himself including yet another transfusion day when i drop him at the door and then pop to Tescos , but for a change i got a phone call to say he was going to be 5 hours . So what do you do, theres not the money for fuel to go home then come back to pick him up . So i trawled around the out of town shops in uphill Lincoln for something to do , it was wonderful to not be constantly clock watching or having the scowling presence tapping his foot at how long ive been in a shop . Did i spend loads ? Well i visited the barnardos toy shop and was horrified to see they had 4 grubby barbies in a bag for £20 , they could at least have cleaned them and brushed their hair for that price .   Tons of stuff but for the most part for a couple of quid more you could have bought new .  Giant Tesco for a tiddle and cat food , its increasingly hard to find the cheap and nasty own brand tins that old cat likes but did manage to get 3 packs it was all they had . I did kill a fair bit of time wandering round in the dry looking at xmas jumpers and sparkly frocks . Then on to The Lincolnshire Hospice Shop , sadly nothing i could afford in there plus it was all fat bird on a cruise type garments . For a giggle i even visited the Sue Ryder Temple in a huge retail unit , noxiously expensive but it does do some fairly decent furniture , among which they had a glorious 1930s bedroom suite veneered birdseye maple all curves made me wish i had a bigger house and a much bigger budget lol £150 . But the one plus on my day was good old B&N they were having a garden centre sale to make load for a lorry load of xmas trees , so i blew my budget on sad looking plants , christmas roses already sprouting , loads of grey untidy pinks at 10p each , all stuff that can overwinter and be planted in the spring . which i managed to smuggle home without him noticing ..When I finally picked him up , his grumpiness knew no bounds . So what have you being doing all day? Reading my book on the industrial estate . Hed given me £3 for dinner so its a good job he didnt hear my rattling stomach after all id sooner buy plants 


  1. Sounds like you made the very best of your day-and nice bargains too-I think it good fun when you let them think they think they know it all and they know nothing-Hope you fill your hungry tummy tonight back home x

  2. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him," as I have heard my mother say many times!

  3. You are joking aren’t you about being given £3 for lunch?Why do you stand for this treatment?

    1. we live within our means , that is our reality