Thursday 25 November 2021


 Yesterday i ventured into the depths of Lincoln , just needed a bit of bulk stuff and to get the things  missing from the fortnightly Morrisons order.  Well thats me not going back this year it was dreadful , every shop packed with coughing christmas heads , very few masks in sight , certainlly not a bit of social distancing anywhere , Covid must be over. hand sanitiser is a thing of the past its all either empty or hidden away in the depths somewhere. Theyve revamped B&N so theres now no frozen section just an aisle of tins and booze and a couple of chilled freezers , i did at least find some large yellow sticker pizzas for a £1 so that will keep the menfolk happy , theyre not in the shape of a xmas tree maybe thats why they are cheap ? It got to the stage i was ready to just chuck my basket and walk out, the shop had ground to a halt with just two tills . They have signs everywhere asking for staff , but theyre known for being a dreadful employer locally so im not surprised , Now the freezer shop has gone i cant see a reason to go back again .                                                                                                                                               Managed to get round Lidl and get a trolley full of bottled water that should last well into January and a few bits like a couple of packs of cooking bacon that can be split down for the freezer .     

  Its got to be bad when Farmfoods is a little haven of sanity on its own little carpark amid all the student housing , its huge and it wasnt busy at all . Other half however had given me a whole list of crap foodstuffs he required , Chinese Ribs , turkey Kievs , spicy god knows what and greasy god knows what basically it has filled the freezer with stuff i cant eat . Though it will cheer son up i managed to get apple juice which for some reason there appears to be a local famine of . Sometimes i think that the huge freezer contains only oven chips and frozen veg for

Then the purpose of the visit to Morrisons , they to have undergone a revamp , now Morrisons has always been where your mum and granny shopped , you park dad in the cafe  with a cup of tea and do your shopping . Other half had his heart set on his annual morrisons xmas dinner with a mug of tea its been advertised everywhere . the cafe looked curiously empty but there was a big queue , so i parked himself and joined it , i thought there was something odd when there was nothing i could drink, just overpriced bottled water, the drinks machines had gone all they had was overpriced slushies milkshakes and fresh orange.  They had now got a Barista bar just beyond the till with a huge queue again, with loads of baffled pensioners  and a very irate girl doing the serving ...errr most pensioners want a cup of tea or a coffee not a god knows what in a cup with half a cup of nasty coffee under it .  I finally got to the till to order his xmas dinner and shes doing the whole i cant understand you youre wearing a mask and the steam is coming out of my ears by now .  Sorry we havent got any of the xmas menu ...ffs  would we like half a breakfast because they have run out of most things . I just turned around and walked away , to get a right royal rollicking from himself who thought it was all my fault .  So i parked him back in the car and had to go do my last bit of shopping that was missed off the order this weekend , i didnt get any of my meat or veg this week .  They have installed a whole row of little kiosks selling hot food , none of which i would be interested in.  The meat section has shrunk but i got what i needed and some packs of yellow sticker mince . Got to the tills and theyd been revamped as well its nearly all self service now there were just 2 real tills with a girl trying to force you to use them , those of us queuing were blocking the aisles so she was a tad stressed , having a basket i was a prime target , but i had all yellow sticker items so no point even trying the self serve it just doesnt get it .  I do think the world is trying to do away with us oldies   


  1. People are getting too close at the moment for my liking and far less than previously wearing masks-In the supermarket the sanitising station was dreadful-I searched for a man in a suit to complain to-and by the way I've been out in public with a certain misery guts who had a tantrum because it was all my fault he couldn't get his f ing burger and chips x

  2. oh, after your blog I shall think long and hard about going out in the rain to do my shopping!! probably anouther eat out of the freezer day!!! Valx

  3. Oh dear - not a fun day! I had thought about heading downtown but then remembered that it's "Black Friday" even here in Canada and those shops would probably be packed. Settled for my local supermarket and it was fine. And here you HAVE to wear a mask anywhere indoors - not your own home so no worries there and the carts were soaked in sanitizer - I needed some tissues to wipe it down!
    Hang in there!

  4. Oh dear. I haven't thought it is that bad. We had no mask recommendation for 3 weeks and people still wore their masks. Now we're back "we strongly recommend you to wear mask whenever near other people". No change though, because these never stopped wearing. In big towns I know it is a different thing, but this lazy country town people are just happy not to meet or see anyone...
    We seem to have a bit of a shortage of xmas hams, but otherwise I've not noticed anything missing.And frozen broccoli has gone down 10 sents, it was 0,79 all winter and summer, and now it's 0,69! Ha, it's the only thing cheaper everything else is gone up.
    I had horrible shopping trip, I ended up droppimg carton of 15 eggs after the till... but the till worket just announced "Cleaner beeded on till 12" and called someone to bring me a new carton of eggs. It was a very nice thing to do in the middle of freaking black friday rush. I don't know if I thanked her enough.