Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Dr Google

 Now im sure youre aware that we struggle with our GPs or rather our lack of GPs , suddenly they have turned into efficient GPs they have dragged themselves up to the level of normal GPs because they are undergoing a care standards inspection at the moment . Its announced on the Surgery website asking for comments from patients , shant bother i should imagine theres some interesting stories for them already . Anyway its not the fault of the actual Drs its the company that owns the practice , its only interest is farming money out of the patients . Before Covid there were obvious problems , during Covid it has been appalling . Our GPs are very honest with you if you can actually get to see them they admit that all they can do is work to the latest directive sent by the company . 6 thousand patients 4 doctors so they have reached the maximum patients at which point they opened another surgery round the corner same set up so they can milk another 6000 patients .  Anyway we can get some very dodgy locums at times but i actually talked to a sentient one the other day , not much of a conversation as she pointed out shes allocated 2 minutes per call , my annual blood tests are appalling, i promptly pointed out that i need B12 injections to function otherwise i cant think and keep falling over and my other medications dont work properly , but they stopped testing for this about 4 years ago so therefore i was cured because they lost my notes . She actually agreed to do further blood tests whoopee . Got a call back a few days later my B12  and vitamin D are through the floor pick the tablets up at the desk . retest in a couple of months . But the biggest giggle they also sent me another version of my regular medication , this is what i was put on by the hospital but it costs 12p to much so they stopped it and gave me the cheaper version and ive struggled ever since . Im sure this is all just because of the care standards investigation being ongoing ...but i can hope this is a longer term improvement  


  1. It's crap isn't it. I should be on medication, I went to the pharmacy to collect it and was told I can't have it now, no particular reason, just no!

  2. We take D3 and Zinc every day it is supposed to help the immune system.
    thanks Kate for the encouragement you gave in the comment the other day. Some day's I would rather not get out of bed to face another slog but there's nothing can be done. I just thank my lucky stars that I'm a fairly strong person especially when it comes to the metal side of things. That's one thing I can thank my Mum for, when she used to close the front door on me and make me go to school when I was poorly and never made a fuss if I was ill, it's paid off I suppose.