Sunday, 21 November 2021


 Lifes always throwing you curveballs , daughter has been a tad poorly with Covid somewhat baffled as shes classed as vulnerable as shes currently on chemo , doesnt go out and works from home , suspected it was a gift from grandson who has had man flu for a few days but didnt test positive, but hed been here with us and we are all fine.  Shes over the worst of it but still seems pretty grim , she only has 80% lung function on a good day so it may be a while , good old 111 wanted her to go to hospital  but she wasnt having it and got her mate whos a nurse practioner to pop round in her hazmat gear and have a listen to her chest . She couldnt have the jabs because of her autoimmune problems . So she did say well at least thats my immunity now boosted up . I was doing nursy from home online nagging her to stay upright and keep walking a bit if you can , loads of fluids and gargle with that infamous concoction of Lemsip and whisky. Kids even adult ones are always a worry .  On the other end of Covid OH keeps getting emails from the doctor to book his booster , but on ringing theres no spaces , it would seem the third jab is being rationed out to GPS in this area , they get a llimited delivery  or nothing so even they have no idea whats going on .


  1. Here in Brittany because the area is generally very rural they have been sending a vacci bus out to the villages , no need to make an appointment just turn up . We can't have our booster till December so we were not able to take advantage , I am hoping it comes back next month . I hope your daughter is better soon it's worrying when even adult children are ill .

  2. Sorry to hear about your Daughter-It does make you wonder how it's contracted-I've heard about a few people getting it recently-I'm having my booster next week-I am worried about it but I will be worried if I don't have it too x

  3. I'm sorry about your daughter, I hope she's better soon.
    Considering Walsall had one of the highest Covid rates in the country last year it's now one of the lowest, the boosters are freely available and anyone eligible can walk into the old Argos in the town centre between 7am and 8pm every day and get jabbed. Hope your chap gets his soon. xxx