Thursday, 30 January 2020


Im trying to make an effort to clear the munchkins bedroom out ready for the school holidays , so this morning ive donated his old school stuff back to his old school , just cut the name tags out and dropped them off . Then on the local facebook they were asking for egg boxes at the former post office so ive dropped a small mountain off .  Huge bag of rags to the local charity shop , lots more stuff to get rid of this will keep me busy for the next few days .  Ive mountains need taking to the skip once the weather picks up .  Lots of boxes broken down to fill the new clean cardboard bin theyve given us , its a full size bin they empty once a month and ours is always full . sometimes it seems that recycling can be a full time chore . Must sort out a bag of books to go to Tescos while im at it .
I would like to get on with the decorating but its just not warm enough to dry paint yet .
Got my seeds from lidl this week im concentrating on lots of beans this year , mainly bush beans its so windy here , but im off to cut some hazel uprights for my runner row as well , saves buying bamboo canes and they last longer , ive some more hazel bushes waiting to go in at the back it just seems to be such a useful hedging plant plus the bonus of nuts .
We had a visit from a little man the other day from Western Powers sub contractor for branch removal , theyre off to drop all their wood chippings here that they generate round the village , always worth asking as its so useful as weed suppressant and it stops the top soil blowing away .  Plus as the bloke said it saves them money on dragging it away , next door is having all the logs im having the chippings .  Sometimes it pays being the first house in the village .
I gather we Brexit tomorrow , wouldnt think it will make a jot of difference out here in the wilderness unless we have the usual idiots launching fireworks to upset everybodys animals , havent seen a hint of a party advertised rather odd when this area is a true blue leave area , though maybe January isnt the best time for street parties .
Another little job i need to do , price a chainsaw !  i need an old biddy sized one  im getting bored and apart from a gammy leg that it looks like im stuck with , i see no reason to give up doing stuff myself when i can !!!


  1. If you find an old biddy chainsaw let me know!

  2. Look at electric ones that work off the mains supply. My father bought me one from a car boot (Im tempted to say, Benson Hedges, but i know that is fags! I cant remember the 'popular tools manufacturer'!) I've had it a long time and bought a brand new 'won in a raffle, not powerful enough for a man' one for £40 at a car boot, myself. I prefer the oririginal one, but they are available. Try gumtree or locl buy/sell sites. Good luck, Sine


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