Tuesday 20 August 2019


So in between watching the Great Move and hobbling about from our road trip , heres my update to the latest news happenings .
The Duke of York ...what a prat , im surprised hes not going round pointing out his dodgy American girlfriend was 17 so totally legal here . Meanwhile The queen has obviously bunged old Anything for a Shekel Fergie a few quid to play happy families with him .
 The Whole Epstein shenanigans beggars belief , suicide my arse , he had a price on his head the day he got arrested . He obviously liked them young, far to young to be legal anywhere but the arab states, then he passed off his cast offs to those dumb enough to accept them, like dolls hed finished playing with
This carry on is one i know far to much about , I had an appaling childhood  the sort people write books about.  There is no justice , no closure , no happy ever after for these girls . To survive you have to bury it deep and build another you.    Subject closed


  1. 'bury it deep and build another you'. Oh yes.

  2. I wonder how many people could say a similar thing. I bet it is far more than would ever want to admit to. So many damaged people burying it deep. Hope the Runrig thingy was good... Sending you a gentle hug. xx

  3. Too many powerful people get to g away with monstrous things that change peoples lives forever. There can never be justice for those affected.

  4. It is a shocking story all around - but one thing I can't help but ask - where were the parents? Some seem to be coming out of the woodwork now that they can smell the money and are doing the whole "woe is me - my poor child bit" - but where were they when all this was happening? I suspect that many were complicit and as far as I'm concerned should also be facing charges!

    1. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. Remember all the young women who flocked to Studio 54 back in the day? Where were their parents?

      I've raised teenagers and no matter what we say to them, they know better and will do whatever they want.

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  6. Hugs to you Katie. Keep on keeping on!