Thursday 29 August 2019

Politically Brain Dead

Well heres a pretty kettle of fish of the stinky rotting fisheads in a bucket variety .  Boris Johnson in his position of squatter in chief has got away with the creation of the Tory Reich it is now quite openly season of alternative truth in the political world, Cummings Cummins are filling the headlines. The era of the weasel spin doctor is once again upon us

Suggestions Cummings? BORIS

Tomorrow we will Prorogue Parliament !!!!

What we put Corbyn in a canoe on the Thames?  RAAB

No Dominic  , thats pirogue  not prorogue ...stupid boy.  BORIS

Well wont Queenie have to sign that off Cummings?  BORIS

Just ring her and mention Andrew and extradition , she'll ok anything

Now explain the purpose of Proroguing ~Parliament   BORIS

Headlines Boris , headlines!  Nobody is going to be looking at anything else , it will fill every bit of media , instead of everyone questioning all the little decisions we are making and the lack of a cunning plan . Headlines with added bonus points .

The bonus points are ? BORIS 

Old Queenies advisors will tell her to bugger off to Norfolk due to public outrage and demands for the abolition of the monarchy,  just think of the money, we then seize Buckingham Palace , think of the land value Boris , prime real estate , central London , theres all those millions set aside for its refurb which can go missing .  We could turn it into flats for the homeless , think of the headlines , im sure we have a donor that has a building firm  , then they can fold due to the recession and we blame Corbyns lot for it .

Thens there is the rioting .

What rioting Cummings ? Boris

Everybody who kids themselves that their vote counts for anything will be marching for London unless they have a barbecue planned that is.

They keep doing that , theres no riots , theyre just a traffic hazard , we just use the tunnels to get around .  BORIS

But we can stage riots, you can hire professional rioters these days and couple of Sky News teams to beam it round the world .   Riots , Marshal Law !!!  Think Boris , there will be no stopping us , we have risen!!!!

Now this is a work of fiction unless im really a prophet of doom .....we shall see 

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