Friday 16 August 2019

Road Trip

So this week has been spent trying to psych myself up for a roadtrip to Glasgow tomorrow , daughter has won tickets  to the Runrig Tour movie premier , we have to do this and be home , childcare, other half care etc is thin on the ground, plus time as she gets the keys to her first house today and has only a weeks holiday to do the move etc etc , things are a tad hectic around here at the moment . Then we should be back first thing Sunday morning to tackle everything , that no rest for the wicked saying comes to mind . So if im not about a lot dont be surprised ..i may well be sleeping this little adventure off for days


  1. I do like a spot of Runrig now and again.

  2. A road trip and not back until Sunday? Didn't you say the only time you got a break was when someone took your dependant person fishing? Hmm.