Sunday, 22 May 2022

The Oracle

 So ive got my crystal ball out and polished it and what do i see errrrrrrr. Monkeypox the next big thing?  So this is supposedly very hard to catch without skin to skin contact ? Now for those of us who are old enough to remember the Maggie times when HIV was subject to its whole its just for poufs gay plague on prime time tv ive noticed some rather nasty press articles about this being just for gays , diabolical crap blaming people for sexual practices that are dangerous , its like a rerun of the 80s . 

Sometimes i think the Tories wont be happy till we are back in their glory days Victorian England , shove the poor kids up a chimney and the return of the doss house , theyve already got the online workhouse Universal Credit , moaning that nobody wants to work in the fields or do jobs that wont pay the rent. Affordable childcare is a bit of a myth , you get most of the cost back eventually but that eventually can be weeks or months away , so how do you live till then ? Oh i forgot thats what foodbanks are for . We have a demoralized NHS  slogging away every day , visited them milles away the other day and the lovely bloke said that all the local services had been made redundant , they have no consultant to supervise because hed gone and set up his own private practice ...ho hum devotion doesnt pay your bills does it . We got a letter from the doctors stating all the conditions they are not treating anymore , sadly anemia was on the letter it had been highlighted , obviously other half is expected to become a vampire to get his 5 pint top up in future , he doesnt have go get a packet of iron tablets anemia , he has a rare genetic condition that means he cant absorb iron so he needs transfusions regularly    ...i will argue this one out tomorrow. Then theres the DWP i will waste hours of my life tomorrow trying to find out why they are cancelling my carers yet again they have now had his renewal documents for a year and have done nothing ...Himself has commented its time i murdered him , got a nice warm cell, tons of books and decent food 


  1. The letter like that I got from the GP said there was room for GPs to make judgements in individual cases, but then your GPs do sound like a complete nightmare. I expect you know but if they're refusing to provide a sensible service the place to go is the commissioners and make the surgery look stupid!

    1. im sure the actual GP has nothing to do with this , it will be someone given a luminous marker sat in the back office