Monday, 23 May 2022


 well i knew yesterday would be fun so i had planned the morning for a trip to the GPs  about the anemia letter and to pick up prescriptions just to really cheer me up I got the witch at the window she has a new extra large name badge now , maybe so we can all report her easier?  or specially for the pensioners shes so helpful for . Anyway for a change himselfs prescription was wrong , so they were thrown at me with much mumbling , then the usual argument about him having to fetch his own class A painkillers , told her to turn round and wave at him , he was on a non walking day and as i was registered carer i am allowed to collect them . Then i got a whole lecture about people who think theyre entitled as the other staff looked on bewildered , it went quite well really. 

Went home had my dinner and settled down for the DWP  only twice through the endless automatic authentication process it only cut me off once for a change , then only 20 minutes of bad hold music and i even got my favourite Eeyore DWP employee , i think we must have been assigned to him. Anyway he recognizes me by now , and he said he could guess what the problem was , my carers was being stopped because himself had been cured by computer yet again , correct .  They have now had his renewal for a year and they admit they havent even looked at it yet and theyre not looking at any because theres been some sort of legal spat between ATOS and the government . Eeyore admits they are being told nothing and have just been told to press the extend button , ring him again in 3 months when they decide to cut my carers off again . I did once i got off the phone try to look up the Atos dispute , couldnt make a lot of sense of it , must have been written by Boris . Anyway i think it boils down to Atos not being paid because they are shite and its all going to the supreme court next week . See my political insight is great isnt it ?


  1. I feel like screaming for you-How are you going to manage -I know you grow lots yourself-but with everything else going up-Dearly beloved here is getting stressed with cost of electric and gas today-I very nearly had to call for sedation for him x

    1. Well used to having to manage we are still better off than many