Thursday 19 May 2022

Brain Washed and Rinsed

I decided to read the online Daily Mail to see  what bees my mother would have in her bonnet . It never gets any better. Still the Boris comic im afraid . But i had a thought , his dear old dad is set to become a French citizen does this mean we could have Boris deported there?  Then we have the hilarious comic antics of Depp and Heard best comedy in a courtroom for years . Pair of drunken drug addicts playing he said she said, not an ounce of class , she cant act and hes living on past glories they really deserved each other , though the turd in the bed was a tad extreme that and keeping the money she said she was giving to charity .  He thought he was marrying the beautiful starlet , instead he got  a bullying harpy with expensive tastes and a whole host of parasitic family members and cling ons , at which point he just descended into a drink and drug stupor. But destroying his career with her abuse claims is bitter and twisted they were equally as bad as each other and it does point out that society thinks the man is always guilty and the women survivor some kind of heroine. Meanwhile in the UK we get the Wagatha trial which should never have been given court time , lets litigate we are rich should have been the name for this one . What a pair of daft tarts mrs Rooney and Vardy are , the whole thing is like the plot of a highschool movie , defamation my arse a pair of twelve year olds would have settled this better . Mind you nobody would have wanted to steal the others fella or bitch slapped and pulled out a few hair extensions, Im still wondering quite how the size of Peter Andres winky got dragged into this? 

Currently a neighbor is kindly going round and reading the paper to mother as she is now considered blind , partly due to her own stubbornness , one eye has had it due to macular degeneration but the other has a cataract that needs to be removed , the eye consultant refuses to treat it because of her age 89 . the latest excuse is that she has nobody to care for her full time . She could quite easily afford to go private and it would be done within two weeks , she could have a few days as an inpatient and be looked after , then home able to see but she wont hear of it , shes paid into the NHS all her life is the refrain . I keep telling her to be careful they dont just ram her into a pissy high seat chair in a nursing home , the council have been informed and theyre always looking to fill beds up with paying customers. Stubbornness is going to be her downfall , shes all there mentally , and for her age amazingly independent and mobile .      

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  1. You can keep Boris and his awful father we don't want either of them over here , strange that Johnson senior was in favour of Brexit but now becomes a French citizen . Comment by my 88 year old mil Boris is growing up , I asked hubby what she had been smoking .
    Mil has just had a cataract done it has made a huge difference to her .