Monday 14 September 2020

Plague 67

 Im just wandering off to play in the garden , i was up very late today having had a bad night with this wretched shoulder arm thing, got up made a cuppa watched a movie then finally went to bed at 5am  other half tried to sort himself out this morning , ive noticed hes got his shirt off already and the kitchen looks like a bombs hit it . In other words he had at least tried to sort himself out , he struggles to dress himself and anything kitchen related goes badly , it sounds so daft that he can put toast in the toaster but cant spread anything on his toast , but his life is one of endless frustration .  In a bid to help himself hes been  taking  CBD oil , its not cheap but anything that helps is a bonus , hes at the limits of normal pain medication when hes bad . hes been taking it for a couple of months and he says he hasnt noticed any difference only the fact hes not getting as many headaches . The point is that ive noticed a big difference , hes less nasty and mean , quite relaxed and chirpy and he just seems way more comfortable in his skin . Is it the CBD ? who knows .

Good old car boot yesterday , managed a bag of books . A rosemary plant mine having curled up its clogs and weird one of the day , a brand new in box pair of shoes for a pound . Decent make, the lady said she ordered them in lockdown couldnt send them back but they were miles bigger on one foot ...scored ....the reason im shoe hunting is i have one swollen foot !!! the large shoe foot 


  1. What a great find getting shoes to fit your swollen foot. I do miss a good car boot sale.

  2. What serendipity finding those shoes! Good luck for you, not so for the original purchaser.
    Sorry about your foot, though. I hate it when any of my parts play up.

  3. I wonder if the oil would help your shoulder pain?x

  4. I tried the cbd oil for the pain in my legs , I can't say I noticed any benefit but i think it's worth a try .