Thursday 19 September 2019

Up and About

This waking up at silly oclock is proving a bit of a bind now i have empty nest syndrome , usually if in up at 4am the munchkin gets up at 5 for a cuppa and a biscuit , now its just me and the cats , ive done my kitchen chores by 5 , the washer is ready to roll once himself surfaces . then im on the puter do a few bits  there then find something on pirate tv to watch while i do a bit of crocheting , currently working my way through 13 series of Supernatural and noticing how much like a Wendigo Sajid Javid looks .

The decorating continues slowly, so far ive only reduced myself to Quasimodo status once reaching up to paint the curtain rail supports of all things , then crunch i was squealing , so three days off due to injury. Useful son is here this weekend so he can help his brother to move the big furniture at the far end so i can finish the painting at the bottoms while he does the tops  , just need this wretched fish tank gone . Another gripe was the one coat gloss i got from Wilko its usually really good, this time its rubbish im having to use 2 coats and its taking days to dry.
At least im busy, i think once the weather turns i will have my usual cabin fever and climbing the walls season, but i may continue on with my slapping emulsion around  plus im informed ive a busy weekend they want  to go to Stickney but were usually home for 10 and ive just spotted a not very well advertised Jumble Sale Washingborough, 1.30 Bowls Club  usually a really good one.


  1. Talking about good paint. Years ago you could buy a jelly type gloss paint from Woolworths, it was brilliant, did't drip and covered virtually anything, nothing like it now.

  2. The Golfer often talks about something called 'thixotropic paint' bought back in the late 60s/ early '70s. Non drip, went on smoothly, nothing has ever been as good - as he tells me on the rare occasion he picks up a paint roller.
    We're just emerging from the 'cabin fever' season - thinking of you as retreat from the world

  3. Your talk of Stickney brought back some wonderful memories of our walks there. The perfect place for cheap veg so wonderful at this time of year if you like chutneys and pickles. Great for the freezer too. Hope you manage to grab some bargains.