Thursday 26 September 2019


im back from the world of gardening the weather having stopped play , still decorating but the end is in sight for the big bedroom , though i hope to continue on in bursts through the winter , plus cash flow permitting .

 I think im near saturation on the grocery front , even i know i dont need to buy tomatoes or any sort of bean till the spring  weird spot of the week , who shrunk the Andrex toilet roll? not something i usually buy as our eco loo tends to get bunged by it , but i was doing the check the price per sheet check in Tesco and noticed they had become dolls house sized for the same price , same price per sheet but the width of a till roll .  Everything is being miniaturized hotdogs in a jar have shrunk to 5 , biscuits are more packaging than biscuit and dont even get me on mince that now comes with onion and carrot already added for the same price as plain mince .

 But i did manage this week  to find the unicorn of groceries a Lidl £1.50 veg box , never seen one in the wild before , it had 4 baking potatoes,  cherry tomatoes , melon , 2 packs of nectarines , loads of large onions and 2 aubergines . The aubergines were the big failure i sliced and fried them and other half commented they can go in the compost , plus i was up all night with an upset tummy ...ho hum

Now on the political front , what can you say ? its all totally baffling , though im appalled that the government has been bigging up the prime minister and brexit on schools whiteboards  at primary school level . what does a 5 year old need to know about the sorry mess we are in at the moment surely the only thing this will promote is anxiety .

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